Every now and then in marketing, as in life, a series of unplanned or unexpected events take place and voila! – you have an unexpected but successful outcome. For example, a mysterious foreign millionaire takes a liking to the plastic gizmo your factory produces and you suddenly land an export order worth millions.That is¬†NOT¬†successful business marketing! It’s nice to have it happen but it’s not wise to count on for your future prosperity!

For sustained successful business marketing, you must have a marketing plan in place. And not just any old marketing plan that is looked at once a year and then stashed in the bottom draw to gather dust while the companies marketing efforts stumble from one disjointed attempt to the next.

Successful business marketing depends on having a simple, functional yet effective marketing plan in place against which all marketing efforts and marketing spend can be measured. In this way, irrespective if you are a one man home-based business or the next Microsoft, you ensure that your marketing efforts are coordinated and focused on your outcome.

Unfortunately, a simple yet effective marketing plan is not that simple to come by. Traditionally a marketing plan is a pretty expensive document that can run to hundreds of pages and seems to be specifically designed to baffle everyone who actually has to implement the thing.

In my experience, the most successful business marketing plans are those that are produced “in house”. This means that the marketing plan is developed and evolves utilizing the expertise and knowledge of those involved in the business.

There are several advantages to this approach. Firstly, by being part of the development of the plan, you get the buy-in of those who have to implement the plan; secondly, because they are involved from the beginning, the implementers understand the plan; and thirdly, you utilize the internal expertise and knowledge – the very factors that often constitute the business’s competitive advantage.

Consistent successful business marketing is not an act of genius or sheer dumb luck. Rather, it is the continual application and monitoring of a marketing plan that is simple to understand and easy to implement. Get it right, and the world is your oyster!