If you want to create a surefire explainer or sales video marketing strategy, this article will be of great help. Through this guide, you can help your audience understand your brand or services better. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Write a well curated script

When it comes to video production, script can make or break how it will be perceived by your audience. Consider it as a foundation of your video marketing strategy, the script is where the content and whole idea are built. Therefore, it should be distinctive and well written in order for it to be appealing to your target audience.  For you to achieve this, you have to assign the scriptwriting task to a person who can best represent your company.  The scriptwriter should also explain it in a way that any type of viewer can apprehend. Whether the viewer has an idea of what your brand offers or have never heard of you before, the script should appeal to them.

  1. Hire a professional agency or staff

If you are planning to hire a professional video production team,make sure you properlyfill out the creative brief about your company. In this company brief, talk about your business offers, its goals, and define what really should be included in your sales or explainer video. If you think that the brief is not enough, schedule a meeting with the writer so he or she can refer to the brief and interview when writing about your video’s script.

  1. Keep the video script short

By keeping the video short, it will be easier for people to remember what your ad is all about. While you want to inform your audience of as many information of how awesome your company is, a longer video has a higher risk of not being watched or losing your audience’s interest. Remove all the lengthy and unnecessary details. You can talk about your history or accomplishments in your company profile or about us page. The explainer video should get people interested and lead them to do the next step. As a rule of thumb, your video only need to have 120 words per minute for your viewers to easily absorbit.

  1. Focus on the benefits

Most viewers are watching the videos to be entertained, educated, or to get solutions to their problems. They are not there to learn about your company or to promote your business. This means that you need to focus the content on showing them how your video can benefit them. You can also tell them what they can get out of your product or service. For example, instead of discussing how awesome the features of your gadget are, mention how your product or service will help them live better. Make it the content more relatable and see to it that you are not drowning your audience with details that they will not easily understand.

  1. Make the content unique and memorable

Everyone loves watching entertaining videos.A good strategy to sell what you offer is while keeping your viewers entertained. The positive mood makes it a lot easier to connect with your viewers and it will also help them remember your product or brand. If you’re lucky, they might even share the video with their friends. This will give you more potential clients to reach.

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